'CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON FOUNDATION UK' is a registered marine conservation charity FOUNDED IN 2005 WITH ITS primary mission BEING to end the destruction of habitats and illegal killing of wildlife around the UK's coastline and across the world’s oceans

CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON FOUNDATION UK currently manages direct action campaigns including:
Ghostnet Campaign (2018 – 2024) - Locating and removing lost and discarded fishing gear with our Ghostnet Campaign using our new dive boat 'Spectre', RIB 'Ghost' and Landing Craft 'Selkie'. CPWF-UK also partners with the charity 'Fathoms Free' which has our RIB 'Shadow' on loan supporting their RIB 'Casper'.
CPWF-UK TEAMED UP with Scuba Diving International (SDI) and together we designed the world's first fully accredited ghostnet removal speciality course for divers. CPWF-UK is also one of the founder members of the UK Ghost Gear Coalition (UKGGC) which established a coalition of groups which when work together sharing reports of ghostnets around the coast and assigning their collection to the nearest teams of divers.
COASTAL Debris Campaign (2010-2024) - Removing harmful debris from the UK's coastline and rivers with our Marine Debris Campaign using volunteer lead beach cleans which both the public can attend, and companies can send their employees to participate. CPWF-UK provides education resources, talks and beach cleaning equipment to schools on request. Our volunteers also conduct river cleans and underwater cleans with our Dive team in harbours, marinas or off beaches around the UK while our new landing craft 'Selkie' is dedicated to patrols and clean-up operations around remote and otherwise inaccessible bays and beaches around Scotland.
Faroe Islands Campaign: Operation Bloody Fjords (2017-2024) - Documenting, exposing, and campaigning to bring about an end the Faroese drive hunts known as the 'grindadrap' where an average of 1156 pilot whales and dolphins have been killed each year over the past 40 years. Since 2016, CPWF-UK has deployed international volunteers to the Faroes Islands for up to 6 months each year to document using video, photos, and crew testimonies the grindadrap hunts. Our volunteer crew also use livestream videos to the internet as a way to instantly report and broadcast the hunts to the world. CPWF-UK partnered with 'Shared Planet' in September 2021 and co-founded the #StopTheGrind coalition which was been joined by other NGOs, Charities, Companies, Celebrities, and politicians. the #stopthegrind partnership WITH 'SHARED PLANET' ended in june 2023 and is being replaced with a new initiative with more direct action at it's heart. CPWF-UK also assists with the production of media, documentaries and on legal work to help end the grindadrap. As the only marine conservation group with a long term, year-on-year significant presence on the islands - our determined volunteers and our cameras are often the only way the world gets to hear about and witness the Faroese whale and dolphin hunts.
Iceland Campaign: Operation Mjolnir (2018) / Operation Northern Exposure (2022) / OPERATION PAIAKAN (2023)- Documenting and exposing the commercial whaling of Fin whales by the company Hvalur hf in Iceland. Fin whales are the second largest whale on the planet after the Blue whale and are classed as a 'Threatened' species. Despite this, around 150 every whaling season are harpooned in Icelandic waters by the two whaling ships of Hvalur hf for export to Japan. CPWF-UK sends volunteers to monitor the whaling ships and the Midsandur whaling station from which they operate to report this atrocity to the world's media and directly to the public via livestreams and reports. lOOK OUT FOR THE NEW CAMPAIGN IN jUNE 2024 !
PAUL WATSON FOUNDATION UK Education (2020-2024) - Sea Shepherd UK’s dedicated Education Site created by volunteers who are teachers, educators and experienced Sea Shepherd activists, is designed to complement the school curriculum for all school key stages. Our Teacher Resources link to both the national curriculum and exam boards to ensure that information is relevant for the classroom, while our Student Activities offer a wide array of self-led tasks for pupils to learn about the vast marine ecosystem and Sea Shepherd campaigns in a child-friendly manner. The Education Site also hosts competitions and informative student-friendly videos which aim to broaden the message of marine conservation within the UK’s education framework.
Fast Boat Deployments (2014-2024) - With CPWF-UK'S boats 'Siren', 'Phantom', 'Ghost' and 'Shadow' - our volunteer crew can respond rapidly to marine conservation issues around the UK's coastline and islands. These four easily transportable fast boats are also loaned to partnered charities to support volunteer/crew training, assist with marine mammal rescues, or help on campaigns which match Sea Shepherd UK's charitable aims.

Our charity’s funding is secured mainly from individual donors, foundations, trusts, legacies and occasionally via special fund-raising events. Presentations and educational talks are given at a wide variety of events, clubs, societies and institutions around the UK and the charity has a team of twenty-eight Senior Volunteers with the skills and knowledge to support our increasing volunteer team, events and conservation activities to reach a wider audience and to help manage a growing team of over two hundred and eighty volunteers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Orkney, Shetland and Jersey. 
With a steadily growing supporter base and more experienced volunteers than in any previous year, CPWF-UK attends over 100 events every year including attendance at scuba diving, water sports, vegan, vegetarian, environmental, ethical, and green living fairs, music, artistic and other events England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey.
CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON FOUNdATION UK's contact information:
27 Old Gloucester Street
London, WC1N 3AX
Charity Commission of England and Wales registration number 1110501

Administration, Overseas Campaigns and GDPR: INFO@CPWF.ORG.UK
Press / Media: MEDIA@CPWF.ORG.UK
Development & celebrity liaison: DEVELOPMENT@CPWF.ORG.UK
Report a marine wildlife crime: REPORT@CPWF.ORG.UK
Sea Shepherd UK Trading Ltd (merchandising):  MERCH@CPWF.ORG.UK
Ghostnet campaign - GHOSTNET@CPWF.ORG.UK
Sea Shepherd UK Dive -  DIVE@CPWF.ORG.UK
Sea Shepherd UK Education -  EDUCATION@CPWF.ORG.UK
Sea Shepherd Tattoo UK liaison - TATTOO@CPWF.ORG.UK
Marine Debris campaign - MARINEDEBRIS@CPWF.ORG.UK

CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON FOUNdATION UK Regional Coordinator email addresses:
Northern Ireland Coordinators - NORTHERNIRELAND@CPWF.ORG.UK
Jersey Coordinator - JERSEY@CPWF.ORG.UK
North East England Coordinators - NORTHEAST@CPWF.ORG.UK
Eastern England Coordinators - EASTERN@CPWF.ORG.UK
South East England -  SOUTHEAST@CPWF.ORG.UK
South West England & Southern Wales - SOUTHWEST@CPWF.ORG.UK 
Western England & Northern Wales - northWEST@CPWF.ORG.UK
Scotland, Orkney and Shetland -  SCOTLAND@CPWF.ORG.UK
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