Every year in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago which is part of the kingdom of Denmark situated just 230 miles north-west of mainland Scotland - around 850 small cetaceans, primarily long finned pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins are massacred in drive hunts called ‘grindadráp’ in Faroese.
Sea Shepherd CONSERVATION (uk) was first activist group in the Faroes back in 1983 and our determination to end the grindadrap continues with Operation Bloody Fjords 2020

Operation Bloody Fjords over recent years has generated many hundreds of international online and printed news articles, as well as featuring in radio and TV programs.

However this year our crew ad staff are engaging the typically resistant/hesitant Danish Media who rarely report on the dolphin killings in the Faroes.

Earlier this summer, our crew began to reach out to respected and recognised Danish activists to join the campaign to end the dolphin hunts and we are very pleased to announce a significant number of Danes have joined our crew this year in the Faroe Islands!

Sea Shepherd UK invited Michael Monberg, Founder and Chairman of the recently validated ‘Veganerpartiet’ (Vegan Party) to investigate the cruelty of the grindadráp with the aim of raising the issue in the Danish political agenda
and ultimately with the Danish Parliament. Michael has been present on the Faroes islands since 2nd August talking both with local Faroese citizens and to the Danish media and public.
The numbers of dolphins and pilot whales killed by the Faroese in 2020 was as follows:

6th June at Bour - 18 long finned pilot whales killed during a failed tagging exercise
15th July at Hvalba - 252 long finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white sided dolphins
30th July at Sandur (Sandoy) - 193 long finned pilot whales
17th August at Sandvik - 6 Northern Bottlenose whales
19th August at Hvalba - 5 Northern Bottlenose whales
16th October at Hvalvik – 66 long finned pilot whales
Pilot whale for sale in the SMS shopping centre in the capital Torshavn 3rd Aug 2020
Pilot whale teeth for sale in the National Museum of the Faroe Islands - Tjóðsavnið in Hoyvik 7th Aug 2020
Casper Hilt - Animal Rights Activist from Denmark joined Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands in August and created this video explaining why he is joining the campaign to end the pilot whale and dolphin hunts:
"I am currently on the beautiful Faroe Islands, to document the horrible massacres of pilot whales and white sided dolphins, an old, unnecessary and outdated tradition called 'the grind'.
I have been here for little over a week now and here's a little video about why I'm here. Thank you" 💚🐬🐳
Peace! Casper Hilt
Butchering of Northern Bottlenose Whales at Hvalba on the 19th August 2020
VIDEO: The dumping over a cliffside into the sea of unwanted meat, blubber, bones from the butchering of the 5 Northern Bottlenose Whales killed after they stranded at Hvalba, Faroe Islands on the 19th August 2020.
Isabell from Denmark joined Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands during August and created this video explaining why she is joining the campaign to end the Faroese pilot whale and dolphin hunts:
Fulmar fledgling seabird hunt at Hvannasund 24th to 26th August 2020

Every year, in the end of August, there's a 14 day hunting season on the juvenile fulmars on the Faroe Islands.
The young birds, who hatched from eggs laid in May, has just made their very first flight from the nests and as it is their first flight where they are only about to learn how to fly, they quickly get really tired and take many rests on the sea, where fishermen then simply scoop them up with nets and then break their necks.
They are considered a delicacy here, as they are so young and fat and they are very easy money for the fishermen.
A fisherman told me, that half of the 20,000 young fulmars are hunted and killed every year in this approximately 14 day hunt.
For them a delicacy and easy money, for the fulmars it's their only chance of life being taken.

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